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Woorien launches "MyVet CT i3D", the First Veterinary-Specialized Spiral Linear CT Scanner


Woorien is unveiling a new Spiral CT Scanner, "MyVet CT i3D", that delivers superior soft tissue image contrast with 3D reconstruction of soft tissue structures. Different from conventional veterinary CT Scanners such and CBCT or Micro CT, it can provide high quality images with whole diagnostic details of the internal organs, soft tissues, blood vessels, and bones. 


  • 3D CT mode and 2D Scan mode
  • Wide bore diameter
  • Large CT FOV
  • Compact size, Space-saving
  • No special wiring required



Its large bore accommodates to medium/large dogs and the elevating table facilitates animal positioning in center of bore to secure image acquisition. It’s narrow slice thickness and optimized image contrast with 14-bit grey-scale maximizes image quality.

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