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Diagnose more accurately with wooricare service


Wooricare is a veterinary image remote reading advisory service developed to help veterinary hospitals image interpretation. When a veterinary hospital requests a reading, we provide comprehensive consulting of Findings, Impressions, and Recommendations.

Anytime, Anywhere

Web-Based Service


Wooricare is a cloud-based web service so it does not require a separate S/W to be installed. Users can access Wooricare through their preferred web browser and check the report anywhere anytime.

Guaranteed Professionalism
& Intelligible Interpretation


Our veterinary professor team is  Veterinary Medical Teaching hospital in Seoul National University, the best university in Korea that represents the expertise of veterinary medicine. With their profound knowledge and extensive experience, they offer precise and expedient interpretations. Ensuring optimized patient care, our professors provide direct access to the images and evaluations, guaranteeing easily comprehensible diagnoses. Choose our service for the assurance of accurate and swift assessments, backed by the depth of expertise that defines the very best in veterinary care in South Korea.

Image-Rich Interpretations


Wooricare Report is different from other reading services that mainly provide diagnosis and results in words. Wooricare report shows findings by marking and explainning each lesion in various capturing images so that the vet who requested it can easily understand the diagnosis and results.

  Sample Case 1  
  Sample Case 2  
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