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When an urgent X-Ray examination needs at general places,

such as an operation room or a diagnostic room, you can immediately take it right there at that moment
with this totally portable, light and rapid DR package.

Rapid DR Package is in composition of the lightest portable X-ray “MyVet Ray Air”, the Viewer
S/W “Vetview” and the premium CMOS sensor “Vetmax” or the Wireless FPD “MyVet DR 1012”.

No need of moving a patient to a X-Ray room while an operation or diagnosis.

Calculus Removal

Patellar Luxation surgery​

Fracture surgery​

Spine surgery​

Right there a patient is,
At the very moment X-Ray diagnostic needs,
Quickly acquiring fine digital X-Ray images


The innovative CNT Portable X-Ray is optimized
for Rapid X-Ray process.

  •  1.8kg Super light Weight
  •  Minimizing X-Ray exposure to an operator in low dose
  •  Immediate shot without preheating time
  •  Reliable Battery for 150 shots in full-charge
  •  Guided LASER beam for easy & exact targeting


Vetmax Package


Premium in Compact

  •  Superior image by CMOS Super high-resolution of 70um Pixel Pitch
         with minimum dose in short exposure time
  •  Compact size of 11.5 x 17cm (4.5 x 6.7 inch)
  •  Easy positioning at various angles
  •  IP68 Certified water resistance
  •  Optimized for small exotic animals such as snake, bird, rat


1012W Package


Wide & Wireless

  •  Wireless connection maximizing usability of portable operation
  •  10 x 12 inch (25 x 30 cm) wide size
  •  127um Pixel Pitch Premium High-resolution Flat Panel Detector
  •  Detachable handle for easy positioning
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